South Korean ferry accident: More than 100 confirmed dead, 200 still missing

The official death toll for the now-sunken ferry off the coast of South Korea reached 108 on Tuesday. 200 people remain missing as divers continue an underwater search of the five-story vessel.

SEOUL: Divers continued to search for the bodies of missing passengers who were aboard the now-sunken five-story ferry off the coast of South Korea.

The ferry was carrying 476 people when it capsized Wednesday. 174 passengers were rescued, including the captain and most of the crew. 108 people have been confirmed dead while 200 remain missing.

South Korea’s disaster management team said in a briefing on Tuesday that the day’s “Underwater operations will focus on the third and fourth floors, while vessels will search waters to prevent bodies from drifting away … Search operations will go smoothly as waves in the rescue site are forecast to be about 0.5 meter high, and the speed of the currents is slow.”

The cause of the accident is under investigation, with initial theories that the ferry listed and capsized after taking a turn too fast. Arrest warrants were issued for the captain and two crew members

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