HYDERABAD: Sindh National Party has demanded to repeal the law of blasphemy adding that it was used as license to kill minorities in Pakistan. Addressing news conference here on Sunday SNP chairman Amir Bhambhro asked national parliamentarians to bring motion in parliament to annul this law or to make amendments in it. He said SNP stands with minorities and respects their faiths and sects including Hindus, Christians and even Shia Muslims and thinks that in all cases which took place in Pakistan under guise of blasphemy religious minorities were made target. He was accompanied with central leaders of party Ashraf Noonari, Dilshad Bhutto, Sohail David Ranjha, Ramzan Buledi and Saeen Bux Banglani.He asked international and human rights organizations to probe the incidents of kidnapping of Sindhi youth and then dumping their bodies by security agencies and also to stop this target killings. Otherwise he warned that if Sindh reacted on it the state cannot bear up. He said we are heirs of all nationalist workers who had struggle for rights of Sindh and were never terrorists but heroes of Sindh. He observed that state organs and established were more powerful than supreme court as despite hearing of missing persons the agencies have not produced any missing person.He asked Sindhi people to stand up and announce alienation from Pakistan as the present system was leading nation to destruction. He said apart from ISIS,Taliban and other religious outfit it has now proved that wherever in any part of world the religious movement were launched under patronization of Pakistan establishment.Now all mess has taken Pakistan and during last 15 years the people including security agencies have been killed to extent of figure of a war. He also said the religious extremism has increased to such level that apart from minorities even Muslims are not safe and were being called as Kafir.Hindus were migrating, Christians and Shias were on target.He said 3 million minorities including 30 tholusand Christians and Ahmedis were ready to leave country and many have given applications. As every one was unsafe and now the country was not able to survive more.

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