SNP Chief condemns twin blast in Lahore Church

Sameer Nazir
Chairman Sindh National Party Ameer Bhanbhro has strongly
Condemns twin Blast Near Lahore church and demanded from Provincial and Federal Govt to start immediate army operation in Punjab against Punjabi Taliban .In his press statement he said that the Lahore Church blast is act of brutality resulting in loss of innocent human lives this morning. He said the religious Fundamentalist and Extremist Groups are targeting innocent citizens. prayer places, mosque and Imam Bargah and shrines of Sufi and saints
Mr Bhanbhro said terrorism of every kind has to be eliminated to secure the future of the country and its people adding such coward attacks would not deter the nation from its resolve to restore peace and tranquility.He said from schools to hospitals, mosques to churches, bazaars to shopping centers, civilians and law enforcing agencies, the terrorists have been targeting every sign of human element. He said Islam is religion of Peace but some so called religious elements are trying to impose their own Sharya by bomb, bullet and terrorist activities, He said that we should respect all faiths, religion and sects.Mr Ameer Bhanbhro expressed sympathies with those who lost their loved ones in the Lahore blasts and urged best possible medical facilities to those injured.

Revenue employees regularized by Sindh Minister Makhdoom

Sameer Nazir
Sindh Minister for Revenue Makhdoom Jameel-uz-Zaman forwarded a summary to Chief Minister Sindh with recommendation to enhance tenure of contract for further two years as well as to regularized 622 personnel of Anti Encroachment Force (AEF) , working under the command and control of Senior Member Board of Revenue(SMBR) as its Director General.

Two years contract of siad personnel including 108 ministerial staff and 514 Head constables / constables had been expired on 30th June, 2014.

Makhdoom said that it’s our prime reasonability to provide jobs to the jobless youth of Sindh on purely merit basis.

Makhdoom Jameel-uz-Zaman added that Sindh Government had already spent a huge amount on professional training of those personnel and they were now asset of the department.

Makhdoom Jameel u Zaman further said that thousands acres of government land were under illegal occupation of land grabbers and land mafia, it is need of hour to provide latest required machinery and equipments to anti encourachement force(AEF) so that it could be more effective for achieving its goals and targets.

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