Sleep better: Eat these 5 foods to fall asleep

Most of us face problems in getting a sound sleep. There may be several factors that can be responsible for this, like work pressure, family responsibilities, relationship issues, etc.

It is important to keep a check on sleep loss because it alters immune system, just the way it happens in the case of stress.

Here are a few food items you can include in your diet and have a good night sleep easily.

Almonds: Eating almonds actually works wonders in helping you fall asleep easily. It is a rich source of magnesium, a mineral responsible for good quality sleep.

Bananas: Eating a banana at night can help you snooze as it is an abundant source of magnesium and potassium and thus prevents muscle cramps at night.

Honey: Honey contains glucose, which shuts off the chemical known as orexin in your body which is responsible for making you alert all throughout the day.

Oats: Oats is a storehouse of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and silicon which support sleep. So having a bowl of oatmeal before going to bed will help.

Lukewarm milk: The traditonal saying of drinking a glass of lukewarm milk befor going to sleep holds true. It helps in falling asleep easily as it has a relaxing effect.

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