Six simple steps to healthy nails

A few magic ingredients from grandma’s kitchen can give you strong, healthy and shiny nails!

Step 1- Chip your nails to the length you want.

Step 2- File your nails in one direction. Never file them in back and forth direction as it causes the nails to chip and break.

Step 3- Take a lemon, make a hole in it, put your finger in up-to the nail part and rotate the lemon.

Step 4- Slightly heat some coconut oil and massage your nails with it.

Step 5- Put a few drops of lemon onto your nails and rub them before wiping it off with a cotton swab.

Step 6- Wash with lukewarm water and pat dry.

The idea behind using lemon is, that it is high in Vitamin- C content which targets brittle nails, making them healthy and strong. Coconut oil nourishes and replenishes the lost moisture of your nails due to the damage done to them by nail polish, detergents and other chemicals.

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