Siraful Haq visits family of slain Christian couple

KOT RADHA KISHAN: Amir Jamat-e-Islami (JI), Sirajul Haq Monday said whatever happened in Kot Radha Kishan was in no way a reflection of Islamic society.

“The responsibility of safeguarding the people and their property falls on government,” said the JI Amir during his visit to the bereaved family of the Christian couple who were thrown into a brick kiln and killed by a mob for allegedly committing an act of blasphemy.

He expressed his shock on the tragic incident and offered his condolences to the family members mourning the sudden and shocking death of the couple.

Calling for an independent inquiry into the dreadful incident, Sirajul Haq said no one has a right to take the law into one’s hand.

He said he would contact the government and ask it to look after the victims’ family.

The JI Amir said that Al-Khidmat Foundation, the welfare wing of his party, would also arrange for financial assistance of the Christian couple’s family.

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