Sindh warned of high floods, floods heading Southern Punjab

LAHORE/KARACHI: Thousands of people have been left homeless after flood water enters Southern Punjab on Monday.
The danger of high floods is now moving towards Sindh as Flood Forecasting Division forecasts heavy floods.
The flood body has predicted that the flooding waters of Indus will enter in Sindh at Guddu between Sept 13 and 14 and at Sukkur on Sept 15.
FFD has advised the relevant authorities to take necessary measures to avoid losses to life and property in the province.
The government of Sindh has cancelled leaves of the irrigation department staff and other employees of the concerned departments as a precautionary measure.
In Punjab thousands of people in the province have been stranded in water while relief agencies working to rescue them to safer places.
In Sahiwal several villages have submerged in gushing waters of Ravi river, which is flowing at high flood causing inundation of standing crops and losses of lives.
Army troops, Police and Rescue 1122 personnel have been engaged in relief operations. In Pindi Bhattian around 11000 stranded people have been transferred to safer places.
Ferozwala’s land link with other areas disrupted after flooding water drowned a bridge at nullah Dek in the town.
Flood water has immersed large swathes of land in Sahiwal, Sialkot and Jhelum.
The Flood Forecasting Division (FFD) has warned district administrations of Sargodha, Jhang, Khoshab and Tobatek Singh on expected high flood at Trimmu Headworks.
At least two persons including a woman were drowned in floodwater in Chiniot where Chenab has been reported in a very high flood. At least seven persons have been drowned in flooding in Narowal. Moreover, a large portion of Hafizabad-Gujranwala road has been swept away in gushing floodwaters.
According to officials, the water flow in Chenab at Qadirabad headworks has been guaged at 8,60,000 cusecs.

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