Mansoor Pirzada
Sindh Punjab border at Kamu Shaheed near Ubauro was completely sealed by placing containers on Tuesday to stop the convoy of PTI Sindh president Nadir Akmal Khan Leghari. The convoy gathered thousands of PTI workers from Sindh and headed to Punjab.
The Punjab government had placed several containers and sealed the border to prevent the entry of PTI convoy in Punjab from Sindh, while reports said several workers entered successfully in Punjab using link roads.
Talking to media person, PTI president in Sindh, Nadir Akmal Leghari said that PTI workers wanted to enter peacefully into Punjab but Punjab government has created hurdles by placing the containers. He further said, PTI is law abiding party, they will held the peacful sit-in protest if they won’t be allowed to enter into Punjab and the protest will be continued until they are allowed to enter the Punjab.
Worst traffic jam from both side was witnessed adding the difficulties to the local passengers, heavy contingent of police was also deployed to face workers.

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