Sindh govt being stripped of powers via Apex Committee: PPP

ISLAMABAD: Senior leader of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Farhatullah Babar Wednesday alleged that Sindh Rangers were operating beyond their mandate in the province.

“Sindh government’s powers are being taken away through Apex Committee,” Babar claimed while speaking on a point of order during the Senate session, one day after PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari’s no-holds-barred speech in Islamabad.

He asked the Federal government if it is not in its knowledge that the paramilitary force was exercising its authority beyond the specified limits.

“Did the rejection of demand for thousands of acres land lead to the present situation,” Farhatullah Babar questioned.

On this, Minister of State, Baleegh-ur-Rehman said law and order is a provincial matter and that the Apex Committee was functioning under the Chief Minister.

“If anyone has overstepped his authority, the Chief Minister who is also the captain of Karachi operation, can go ahead and take action,” he added.

The State Minister said if federal government had an intention to send the Sindh government packing it would have done so at a time when every day 50 people were being butchered in Sindh.