Shahid Afridi Inaugurated Official Website of ‘Shahid Afridi Foundation’

Afridi, also, distributed prizes among the winners of Foortal Online Fantasy Cricket League

KARACHI: The official website of Shahid Afridi Foundation launched here yesterday by Shahid Khan Afridi in a grand ceremony held in a local hotel in Karachi. The Foundation’s website was launched in the prize distribution ceremony of Foortal T20 Online Fantasy Cricket League, wherein the star cricket all-rounder was the chief guest on the occasion.
“Launching of Shahid Afridi Foundation’s official website is a big occasion for me, as by utilizing all offline and online channels I want to serve the needy people of the country through this platform. This is, indubitably, my beloved motherland Pakistan behind all of success and achievements in my cricket career and being a citizen, I want to serve my country as per my fullest capacity,” Shahid Afridi said at the launch. “Living in well-developed urban areas, we cannot even imagine the miserable life being led by the poor people in the far-flung, underdeveloped rural areas of Pakistan. Compared to these deprived rural areas, we, in the cities, are leading a quite luxurious life, and this remains our collective duty to provide the basic needs, including health, and education in these deprived areas of the country as well,”, Afridi said. He was of the view that life in deprived rural areas was different to what we, usually, see on the TV screen. “Surviving without basic human needs, there are a number of rural and semi rural areas that need our utmost attention and care, and the same remains the sole purpose behind establishing a nonprofit welfare organization like Shahid Afridi Foundation, founded to promote education, health and professional skills, particularly among the underserved communities of the country,” Shahid Khan Afridi mentioned.
Later on, Shahid Afridi, also, distributed the prizes among the winners of Pakistan’s first ever online cricket league titled ‘Foortal BoomBoom T20 Extravaganza’, which was held in March this year to intensify the national cricket fever in Pakistan to the maximum during the T20 World Cup 2014.
Speaking on the occasion, Syed Waqar Shah Gilani, managing director and WaqarTech Limited said, “15% of Foortal’s income is exclusively reserved for the Shahid Afridi Foundation only, as stands side by side with Shahid Khan Afridi, and together we can, successfully, enrich the lives of the people who need assistance in the forms of healthcare, and education, including other basic human needs”.
Among the other notable guests who spoke on the occasion were Mr. Iqbal Shah, CEO Toyota Eastern Motors, Mr. Ansar Shah, Director WaqarTech Limited, and Mr. Israr Shah, Cofounder Bird Eye Vision. A detailed research paper titled ‘Why Cricket is not Cricket without AFRIDI’ was, also, read on the occasion. The grand ceremony concluded with a ‘Grand Dinner Gala with Lala’, wherein top 50 winners of Foortal T20 Online Fantasy Cricket were, especially, invited to enjoy a sumptuous dinner with Shahid Afridi.