Shahbaz inaugurates wheat harvesting in Punjab

LAHORE, Apr 25 (INP) Chief Minister of Punjab (CM) Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday inaugurated wheat harvesting in Punjab.

During a ceremony, CM Punjab while riding a tractor officially inaugurated the wheat harvesting

As per details, as many as 376 centers have been made across Punjab from where the farmers can take wheat easily whereas the administration has set a target of 40 lac tons of wheat to procure during the current year.

While talking to the media, CM felicitated farmers and vowed to assist them at every level.

He said that farmers have faced loss in wheat production however, the government has maintained the wheat prices in their favor. He said the government would procure wheat at Rs 1300 per 40 kgs.He assured that the government will buy 40 lac tons wheat while starting from small farmers.

He assured to monitor the whole process by himself so that no corruption could be taken place. Vowing to eliminate farmers’ problems, he stated that the government will provide 5,000 to 10,000 tractors to the small farmers.

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