Sector In-charge started Baldia blaze, MQM worker confesses in ATC

Sameer Nazir
Shocking disclosures after MQM worker Umair Hassan Siddiqui, who confessed in an anti-terrorism court on Saturday to over 120 target killings and admitted that Sector In-charge Rehman Bhola set fire to the Baldia factory.
According to him in ATC court revealed that a group led by him had allegedly killed 120 people in Karachi, added that he presided over rigging in General Elections 2013. The presiding officers were called to the sector and convinced regarding counterfeit votes a day before of election. He also confessed to giving orders to his target killing team to eliminate MQM worker Amir Khan’s nephew.
Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) issued a statement detailing facts that emerged after interrogation from Umair. According to the Rangers investigation team, the MQM worker came clean in ATC today and said that there are target killer camps located in the surrounding areas of Nine Zero with around 250 to 300 target killers. The MQM worker also admitted to being responsible for procuring weapons for the armed wing of the party.
The Rangers also said that on the orders of Karachi Tanzeemi Committee (KTC) in-charge Hammad Siddiqui, Umair Siddiqui formed a target killing team. They added that Umair Siddiqui said in 2008, MQM’s Deputy Convener Anees Qaim Khani held a meeting at Khurshid Memorial Hall to speed up target killings.
Siddiqui also declared that to avoid further raids for arms on sectors, all the weapons were brought to Nine Zero. Siddiqui said in court that he was arrested a month ago and presented today for the first time. The ATC has given the Rangers his custody for 90 days.
Rangers’ officials said in court that Siddiqui was arrested during the Azizabad operation, while the lawyer representing MQM said that a report was filed in February 2015 of Siddiqui going missing.
Rangers also claimed that Umair used to get killing orders from a person named Hammad Siddiqui. Quoting the accused, the Rangers said 250 target killers are hiding in the area surrounding Nine Zero.
The suspect also revealed that sector in-charge Rehman Bhola set Baldia Town factory on fire with his associates, the statement added. Earlier, Umair was produced before a court where he was remanded into 90-day custody of Rangers.
In the court, Rangers claimed that Umair was detained during the raid on Nine Zero on Wednesday. But MQM lawyer denied the claim in the court. Umair also told the court that he was apprehended on February 15.
While, the weapons were handed to the forensic division of the police so it can be uncovered what criminal acts they had been used in.
A report in this regard will be issued in 10-12 days after a ballistics expert at the forensic laboratory completes his analysis.
Rangers had carried out a raid at Nine Zero, a headquarters of MQM on Wednesday at Karachi and several people were taken into custody including ‘hardened criminals’.
On the occasion, a huge quantity of arms and ammunition, walkie talkies, binoculars and other military gear were also seized during the raid.

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