Scotland Yard drops money laundering charges against MQM chief

LONDON: Scotland Yard has dropped the case of money laundering against MQM founder in absence of insufficient evidences in London.
According to details Scotland Yard has termed null and vied the money laundering case against MQM founder for weak and inadequate evidence as Scotland said in its verdict that the money found from MQM founder’s house was unclear legal or illegal and evidences in this regard were not enough therefore prosecution has ordered to end the case.
It is pertinent to say that Scotland Yard had found million of pounds in a raid at the MQM founder house in 2013 and arrested more than 11 alleged accused as it also recorded cases of more than 100 people.
MQM founder was arrested in the case on June 3, 2014 by the MET police; however, he was released hours later. Since then, his bail had been extended five times.

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