THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi ….(Topics series)

The Scientist looks at Mankind from the point of view of Nature alone. Religion or race, caste or color, geographical barriers or historical traditions do not appeal to him. He does not belong to any ‘sect’ or ideologies. His Revelations is from the BOOK OF THE NATURE itself, which is ONLY TRUTH existing after all. His inventions are entirely benefit for the whole Mankind and he does not grudge their becoming public property. He alone can come forward for the vivid reasons as to in what channels the collective activities of Mankind should lie, what his natural line of action should be as whole, apart from what line of action the “Politicians” of the world put the world through the lust of their own passion and ignorance of the ultimate purpose of the Nature. Lower animals have evolved themselves to higher form of natural urge, natural selection and strict following of the process of Nature, but Man has none of “discretion” and “intelligence”. He chooses to chalk out his own way, “right or wrong”, so far rather sadly wrong. It is essential therefore, that the Scientist who is solitary possessor of the true knowledge should mark the way for him in accordance with the requirement of the Nature.


The Scientist, if he leads the Mankind politically is sure to level up the barriers of the race, religion, color, etc. Equalize the distribution of wealth all over the world, equalize as far as possible the status of the rich and the poor and thereafter mould the human mind to the comity of the nation and one fraternity. He is sure to look straight at all struggle created by capital or labor and give them their proper weight and importance in the light of the world problems. With him all preserve differences between rich and the poor should disappear, exploitation of man by man should vanish and human politics should be seen and disposed off from the viewpoint of the stern dispensation of Nature. Capital and labor being both SUBSVERVIENT to the intelligence, the importance and the power of thinking he possesses, he alone has the locus standi to stand aloft over all other human beings as their MASTER, DISPOSER and LEADER on this earth. All Scientists, being the possessors of One Truth all the world over, must necessarily hold out the One “Truth of Politics” based on the dire exigencies of Nature alone — i-e, that polity which would make the whole Human race run on natural lines with sole object of evolving Mankind to higher form of creation.

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