Zahid Hussain Mirani

All claims of the government do seem an absolute untruth whenever someone stares at the current scio-economical mod of public where people are craving for a loaf of meal. Every new second of life does seem a messenger of death, a death which do not let people to die at once but a continual death series. Billions of the rupees of government and international community could not redress the wounds of the people, people who are being compelled to live a life as if they do not have any of right to life. Such a naked truth reveals when someone put an eagle on the rural areas of Sindh. Worst education system of Sindh (rural) is a slap on the state institutes which cannot be beneficial for the masses. Hundreds of schools went closed under the supervision of education administration and they are being sheltered by the political tycoons. Such a worst a bitter situation of education was appeared in district Sujawal a 28th district of Sindh. ISC team visited the government boys’ primary school Rawal kandra of union council Jaar taluka Sujawal some 23 Km away from the district city head quarter in the east-south side. Poor road infrastructure reveals the political apathy in the areas of this district.
The school is closed for more than 10 years but none among the education administration dare to visit the village which has more than 300 households. Unfortunate innocent children are deprived of the education. Tears shed when we think of dark future of these innocent angels who are indeed flowerlike. The building of the school is reserved for the gambling by the local people, however; children of the village used to go to get religious education in Madrasah existed in the villages by the Deoband sect. No boundary wall and no toilet are in the school. Children of the village mostly work in the fields or used to go outside the village growing goat and cow animals including buffaloes. Poor infrastructure of the mud homes except a single house building of the landlord of the village indicate a clear sing of controlled system. In response to queries by the ISC team available villagers named Hafiz Tanveer Ahmed told that we people are intended to have quality education to their children but non seriousness of the government and local influential have kept our children aloof from education. Many a times district officers of education were approached and even appealed to get opened this school but they didn’t pay any of attention. Faded faces of the children are an eye opener for the intelligentsia of this dead state and fake ministerial system. Such innocence of these children is indeed a mirror for the so-called development sector. The city school system, the beacon school and many other private sector education system are well furnished but the government educational institutes particularly primary based schools system is completely destroyed.
Dare is needed to challenge this unchallengeable political tycoons to defeat them and save the future of thousands of innocents children. Lets see how many of the development and social change actors take this issue serious .

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