Scarcity of potable water in city areas


BADIN: Various parts of city Badin have been facing acute shortage of potable water for last many days. Water supply has been made off for Seerani road, Pir Aali Shah Kot, Civil Hospital road, Shah Qadri Seerani road, Agrovil Colony & other parts of city Badin. The inhabitants of these areas have been deprived to attain water from Badin water supply for their daily family consumption from last week. More than 50’000 population of city is facing hard difficulties due water shortage.

While protesting & talking with media, Ali Solangi, Abdullah Khaskheli, Saleem Samoon & others said that citizens were facing shortage of water but the TMA was tackling the crisis as an ordinary matter. They said that from last many days their families are facing huge difficulties due unavailability of water at their homes. They alleged that influential persons are receiving water supply round the clock but poor citizen are being deprived from water provision from last many days.  They appealed to district administration for immediate measures to trounce the water crisis in Badin city.

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