Say good bye to hair problems

Ever increasing pollution levels, rising amount of stress in day-to-day life has left us with numerous banes on our bodies – be it in the form of skin-problems or hair related issues – the misdeed of our surroundings is clearly visible on every part of our body.

When it comes to tresses – our crowning glory has been defamed by problems like, hair fall, dandruff, dryness, brittleness, split ends and more… Renowned Cosmetologist & Aesthetician and Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Bharti Taneja, reveals, all such hair-issues and their solutions – for a mane that flows with health.

Exploring the causes!

For any of your hair woes, it becomes important to first understand basic cause of that issue which is causing your worry. There can be a plenty of reasons which can be further classified in to the external and internal factors for your hair-related problems. And, once you know it – you know the jack of the trade – and then, there’s no one stopping you from bidding adieu to your hair related woes!

The External Factors:

The external factors certainly include situations, like, change in weather, dandruff, excessive usage of chemicals, hygiene factors, lack of regular care and more… For example, our hair tend to fall during monsoons and therefore, we should pamper them a bit more during this season to prevent excessive falling.

Apart from this, using a range of hair products which do not suit your hair – can also be a major cause of your worry – so before you go for any measure, you may try swapping your shampoos and conditioners with the suitable ones to wave off your woes.

For hair fall, dandruff has been the main culprit – as it causes itchiness and hair loss along! Therefore, if you have dandruff – dry or oily – you may first aim for removing it from the root. Pick up some quality anti-dandruff shampoo from your retailer, to keep this ‘white-mess’ at bay. Look out for organic, herbal brands in order to stay away from chemicals, as they can lead to major hair fall again. An important tip to be followed for dandruff is to wash your towel, comb and pillow cover using a mild detergent, then dip them antiseptic solution for half an hour and dry it under the sun after every hair-wash to let your own hair residual (oil, dandruff etc.) not be a cause of your hair woes.

For dryness and split ends – which are twins of hair issues – a proper conditioning process is required to do away with these. Conditioning after every hair-wash, will not only nourish you mane but will seal the hair cuticle while making hair smooth and shiny.

The Internal Issues:

It can be said that hair problems occur due to several internal issues like, lack of nutrition, genetic factors, stress, health issues – like thyroid, high/low blood pressure,  constipation, diabetes etc. Hence, it is advisable to go for a proper medical check-up with an expert doctor to properly analyze the whole situation and the main cause of your hair issues in a better way. 

You never know, while doing so you may be able to figure out the cure to all the medical problems inside you. Your hair issues also emerge due to several side-effects caused by medicines taken for your ailments like, high/low blood pressure, thyroid etc. 

Hair-fall is very commonly found in patients of high blood pressure who take doses of heavy medicines. Hence, it becomes important to neutralize the side-effects of such medicines by keep taking essential nutrients. For example, having a banana as your mid-day snack will lessen your hair fall by neutralizing the side-effects of the medicines you take for high B.P. 

Our tresses are made up of keratin- a hard protein therefore, it becomes important to have a wholesome protein-rich diet that also contains the essential vitamin-minerals (especially, vitamin-E) for boosting the keratin formation – and eventually, the growth of your mane. 

Nowadays, technology is also evading to the field of hair treatments; ozone is one such treatment you should go for if your hair are damaged or falling. Similarly, Bioptron, also boosts hair volume by stopping hair fall and removing dandruff too – as it can be one of the reason for hair-fall. But, while you opt for one such treatment; make sure you visit a professional salon to achieve faster and better results and do away with side-effects.

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