Saulat Mirza makes grave allegations against MQM hours before hanging

KARACHI: In a televised message, Saulat Mirza, the death row inmate and former Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) worker, has made startling disclosures and grave allegations against Altaf Hussain-led-MQM, hours before his scheduled hanging at 5:30AM Thursday.

Saulat Mirza was handed down the death sentence on May 24, 1999 for killing the MD KESC Shahid Hamid.

Shortly after the confession Wednesday night, Machh jail officials told the media that the scheduled hanging on March 19 has been postponed for 72 hours.

The jail superintendent confirmed that they have received a written order to halt the execution.

Mirza, in his video confession, said the order to kill the MD KESC had been passed on to him by Babar Ghauri, the then MNA of MQM. Mirza said the MQM chief Altaf Hussain used to carry his messages through Babar Ghauri.

Saulat Mirza said after executing the murder when he came into the grips of law, the MQM disowned him and threw him away like a used tissue paper.
He said whenever any party worker started to enjoy fame and popularity in public, it made the party chief Altaf Hussain upset and he removed them from the scene one way or the other.

Saulat Mirza took the names of former MQM leaders Azeem Tariq and Mustafa Kamal as examples. Azeem Tariq was killed on the orders of Altaf Hussain and Mustafa Kamal was humiliated to such a level that he had to pack his bags and leave this country, he added.

The former MQM activist also said that the party through Governor Sindh provides shelter to criminal MQM workers.

He appealed to the government, saying: “I am not making an appeal for condoning my death sentence. I only appeal to the government to extend my death penalty for some time.”

Saulat Mirza said such an extension would allow him time to make more disclosures which may be helpful to the authorities to take appropriate actions and help bring peace to Karachi.
He said a lot of people who are either part of the MQM or want to join it in future must take some lesson from him who has been made an example of horror for all.

Saulat Mirza said he seeks forgiveness from the nation for whatever he did after being brainwashed by MQM.

Meanwhile, MQM chief Altaf Hussain, leader Babar Ghauri and a spokesman of Governor House dismissed the allegations hurled at them, calling them a conspiracy to defame the party.

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