Saeed Ajmal signs lucrative contract with Worcestershire

Saeed Ajmal

LONDON: Pakistani bowler Saeed Ajmal has signed a contract with the Worcestershire County Cricket club.

Moghees Sheikh, manager of Saeed Ajmal in Britain and Chairman of International Cricketers’ Association (ICA) UK, confirmed to The News that Saeed Ajmal has secured the “richest contract” of his playing career with the English county.
Moghees Sheikh refused to reveal the exact amount that Saeed Ajmal will receive playing for Worcestershire during summer 2015 but it is believed that the amount is in 6 figures and Saeed Ajmal is extremely happy to be signing the contract.

The move will make Ajmal the highest paid Pakistani cricketer.
On 7th February 2015 Saeed Ajmal’s bowling action was declared legal by the ICC. Ajmal was reported after the first Test match against Sri Lanka in Galle in August 2014 and failed the initial test on his bowling action, which was performed on 25th August 2014 at the National Cricket Centre in Brisbane.
Saeed Ajmal paid several visits to Britain where he, in the presence of Saqlain Mushtaq, went through many consultations with Dr Paul Hurrion who was arranged by his manager Moghees Sheikh.

Ajmal also visited Loughborough University for an unofficial test arranged by PCB which showed a great improvement in his remedial work done by him in NCA where he bowled roughly 14,000 balls.
Saeed Ajmal, Saqlain Mushtaq and Moghees sheikh also met Dr Craig Ranson at Cardiff metropolitan university – where Craig is a consultant to a variety of sporting organisations including the International Cricket Council and the Sports. They discussed the way Biomechanics technology is used in cricket and its application, limitation and conditions on Saeed Ajmal.
Moghees Sheikh said that he made it his mission to ensure that Saeed Ajmal is fully backed up emotionally and technically. “Pakistan nation needed Saeed Ajmal’s positive result and I am glad we were of help.”
The Pakistani great told The News in a statement that both Moghees Sehikh and Saqlain Mushtaq helped him a lot.

“Moghees Sheikh went out of his way to help me and he did all he can to ensure I get the best possible help and return to playing cricket. I still remember the day when Moghees Sheikh expressed his strong will about my comeback and stated that he would not sit back till he has exhausted all his means to bring me back in to the international scene again.”
“Saqlain has been a pillar of strength for me since he’s started working with me. He’s encouraged me and lifted my morale throughout the process and has backed me all the way even when I wasn’t happy with a delivery I was bowling in practice. I cannot thank him enough for his hard work and sincere advice. He provided me with great help at this difficult time.”
Moghees sheikh has expressed his desire to provide “complete and unconditional support to all the players in Pakistan if and when they need it and “we will also source sponsorship and funding to help where possible and required”.

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