Saba Qamar stands in support for Neelum Muneer after her video goes viral

Pakistani actor Saba Qamar stood up for Neelum Muneer by recording and posting a special video for her, sending her love.

The video footage showing Saba Qamar is travelling in a car with her friend in which they expressed their love for Muneer with a dance move saying “love you”.
Earlier, Neelum Muneer has been receiving plenty of flak ever since a video of her dancing in the backseat of a car was leaked online.

People criticised the actor for the sultry ways in which she was jazzing to Malaika Arora’s item song Mahi Ve, making regular folk wonder what compelled her to make the video in the first place.
But while most people bashed Neelum for the apparently “vulgar” video, there were a few who came forth in her support.