Saad Rafique raises doubts over Imran-Qadri London meeting

LAHORE: Raising doubts over the Imran-Qadri London meeting, Railway Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique Saturday asked both of them to answer as to who had arranged the meeting.
Addressing a press conference, he said that the nation deserved to be informed about the agenda of the meeting.
He asked whether some foreign elements arranged the meeting or Pakistani national.
The minister asked Imran Khan as to why he was not admitting to his meeting with Qadri in London when the latter had already done so.
Saad Rafique also questioned why Qadri and Imran Khan had met alone and why their key people were made to stay in May Fair.
In his fourth question to Imran, the PML-N leader asked why details of Imran and Qadri’s agreement had not been made public, adding Charter of Democracy agreed between Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto in London is an open document for all to see.
Rafique urged both the agitators to end their dharnas and let Pakistan prosper.

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