Rs. 42 billion for Karachi development on modern lines: CM Sindh

Sameer Nazir
The Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah has said that his Government is giving top priority to develop the Karachi on modern lines & such it is spending more than Rs. 42 billion on its development except providing 2.237 billion for Karachi special annual package and subsidy to KW&SB. He said that in-addition to that Sindh Government to bear 50% cost of K-4 great water supply project of Karachi and also supplement in implementation on KS-III Sewerage Project. This he observed while presiding over meeting to review the performance of KMC, held at CM House today. The Sindh Minister for Local Government and Information Sharjeel Inam Memon, Chief Secretary Sindh Sajjad Saleem Hotiyana, ACS Development Muhammad Wasim Ahmed, Principal Secretary to CM Alamdin Bullo, Secretary Finance Sohail Rajput, Secretary Local Government Shazia, Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Siddiqui, Administrator to KMC Rauf Farooqi and others officers from Local Government, KMC attended the meeting.
Addressing, the meeting the Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that the supply of drinking water, efficient disposal of sewerage and storm water and sanitation were the main issues of Karachi. He said that in order to resolve these issues, Sindh Government has not only made big investment for up-gradation of existing infrastructure of water supply system but is agreed to pay 50% share of K-4 great water supply project of Karachi. He said that Sindh Government also to supplement in implementation on KS-III Sewerage Project and directed the Secretary Finance to examine an evaluate the requirement of KMC for financing its development schemes/ projects from Sindh Government with reference to its own development budget.
The Chief Minister Sindh directed the Engineers of KMC to prepare the PC-I for desilting, cleaning and protecting the Gujar Nala with cemented wall from both sides to stop further encroachment, ensure existing flow of sewerage effluent for short term strategy and submit the schemes for removal of existing encroachment and complete rehabilitation of Gujar Nala as par long term strategy and proper sanitation for which Rs. 100 million already has been provided to the KMC. The Chief Minister Sindh said that so far the issue of sanitation is concern, the PPP Government has made legislation under which Solid Waste Management Board is being constituted to deal with this problem scientifically. He said that the Sindh Government is passing from the process to nominate efficient Managing Director Solid Waste Management Board and directed to Chief Secretary Sindh to be appoint the MDby the end of this calendar year and and make the board as functional. He said that the matter of sanitation would be resolved once for all. He disclosed that some Chinese firms has also expressed their interest for recycling of garbage of Karachi to generate 600 Mw electricity and Sindh Government to welcome such investment. The Chief Minister Sindh also informed the meeting that Sindh Government was planning to launch one of the approved Bus transit lines in Karachi to provide transport facilities to the people of Karachi.
Expressing his dissatisfaction cover the punctuality and performance of the sanitation workers of the Local Government, the Chief Minister Sindh directed the Secretary Finance to shift the salary disbursement of Local Government employees from officers concern to Accountant General Sindh as par pattern of other employees of Sindh Government.
The Sindh Minister for Local Government/ Information Sharjeel Inam Memon recommended for outsources the functions for disposal of sanitation. The Administration KMC Mr. Rauf Farooqi during his presentation requested financial help specially for implementation of KMC Project including National Highway N-05, repair the Jam Sidiq bridge, implementation on the scheme for six corridors on Shershah road. The Chief Minister Sindh assured the Management of KMC for supplementing them in public oriented projects. He also asked them to submit their ADP schemes to the P&D Department as block allocation of Rs. 01 billion has already been earmarked for this purpose and Rs. 1237 million being provided KMC for its ongoing schemes.

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