Research & Review: “History of Khaksar Movement in India” Thoroughly research and written by Prof. Amalendu De.

Inayatullah observed that the newspaper men do not know the real politics of making a nation great. The owners of newspapers are busy in increasing the circulation of their papers, whereas the editors receive petty salaries with no security of their jobs. They are purely dependent on the mercy of the owners. If, however, the owners accept the editors as the makers of the glory of the nation, real politics, real propaganda and national goodness will emerge. It will generate the spirit of real forgiveness among the individuals and remove the evils of the nation.
According to Inayatullah the editors occupy the same respectable position as a Prime Minister, although their fields of activity are different and they are against each other. Both of them are responsible to the people. The growth of a nation is purely dependent on their activities. An editor can really guide the nation by exposing and correcting the shortcomings in national life. For this reason in European countries many editors became Prime Ministers. Inayatullah observed that it is very dangerous especially among the weak and backward nations, to use the newspapers for business purposes. It is, no doubt, the cause of political weakness of those nations. It should be noted that only the reformers of big nations took the first initiative in publishing papers in their countries. They had passion for reform and thereby tried to make the nation great. They were not guided by narrow commercial interests. If, at presents the owners and editors realize this point then a good and congenial atmosphere may be created for the entire nation. Inayatullah considered that the best way to correct the policy of the paper is this that no Muslim should purchase any paper abusing any other Muslim rightly or wrongly. They should buy Hindu or semi-official papers. This will also help them to know what other peoples are doing. Thus it will serve their purpose.

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