Richa Sony disowned by family over a movie

mumbai: Richa Sony stars in the upcoming movie ‘Fun Freaked Facebooked’, but it wasn`t a smooth ride for her. She had to face a lot of criticism from her family to pursue her dream of starring in a movie. She was thankful to Aditya Om for trusting in her and giving her an opportunity.

According to the sources, Richa being brought up in the humble town of Muzaffarpur, had a tough time convincing her parents that it was acting that was right for her. Being brought up in a very conservative joint family, it was difficult to convey the message to them.

Richa says. “People, especially my parents were against the whole idea of me being an actress and going to Mumbai to pursue it.

But, somehow my mother got convinced. She was very supportive and trusted my instincts.”

She finally got break with Bhagyavidhata, where she played Bindiya. It was a daily soap that ran for approximately two an a half year and eventually became a hit on television.She adds, “I have been born and brought up in a joint family and my entire family boycotted my parents for allowing me to follow my dream. But, after Bhagyavidhata, they all slowly started accepting me”
She had to struggle for a good 7 years. It was during this time that she met Aditya Om, the director of FFF and she auditioned and got the part. She owes it to him and feels that he`s played a vital role in her life. She believes that her journey has just started and there`s much more to come.

‘Fun Freaked Facebooked’ is a psychological thriller coupled with the element of horror and supernatural. It is based on social media addiction and stars Saidah Jules, Sheetal Singh and Manisha Kelkar. FFF is directed by veteran South Indian actor-director Aditya Om.

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