Researchers return from ‘mock-up Mars’ world after 4 months

Washington: Six researchers have come back to the real world after spending 4 months in a mock Mars habitat on a Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa.

The expedition’s leader Casey Stedman, who spent the time in the 1,000 sq. ft. solar-powered dome, which included kitchen, dining room, bathroom with shower, lab and exercise space, with his 5 crew members, expressed that it was great to get back to real world, and to be able to have fresh food again.

Binsted added that had to deal with the disagreements one could face in such small space, and overcome their conflicts.

Kimberly Binsted, principal investigator of the HI-SEAS mission told ABC News that the project aimed at finding out the problems that crew members could actually face if they went to Mars.

Stedman said that though didn’t really have any arguments among themselves, they did disagree over some small issues which were even common when on a “family vacation.”