Rejoice Cricket World Cup 2015 Pakistan Way!

Since the start of 2015, the cricket fans have been anxiously waiting for their favorite game to begin soon and they can witness the joyful matches with friends and family. ICC cricket World Cup 2015 brings the world’s greatest cricket players face to face in the battle of cricket to give their supporters a zealous match. Cricket fans in Pakistan as very possessive with the game and they make special preparations and plans to enjoy the cricket world cup. Some fans are very loyal to Pakistani team and they support their team till the end while some are neutral and they want to appreciate every team that is giving spectacular performance and becomes their favorite team. Whatever the case is, all these fans tend to cheer up their favorite teams and players in different ways which creates a unique ambiance in the country. As the cricket world cup is nearing, the talks about cricket are on the tables and people are looking forward to exciting and thrilling matches and are making special plans to cheer their teams. They are also buying cricket apparels online through marketplaces and online stores such as Kaymu. Here we give you a few ideas how Pakistani nation cheer for cricket and celebrate the event back home.

Family Gatherings:

People watch match

People watch match

Certain families are very enthusiastic to enjoy cricket matches by having special gatherings at home. On the day of match, they have get together with all family members invited to a certain home that is central to all families and then they watch cricket altogether with awesome food and drinks by sharing laughter in cozy lounges.

Friends Plans:


Friends usually gather at public places like restaurants, hotels etc where they can enjoy their favorite dishes along with the steaming matches on the screen. If you cannot watch a match in stadium then what better way could it be to cheer with your friends. University and college students, office colleagues and even some family friends gather at these trendy places to zealously celebrate their favorite teams win.

Cricket Shopping:


People do not simply enjoy watching a match but also like to play to keep their spirits high. There is professional level cricket as well as casual cricket among a group of friends. There is a rise in shopping trend for cricket products during the cricket season as both men and women are buying cricket jerseys, and kits that they wear to show solidarity with their team while watching a match. Now it is easier to get cricket products online at various portals that offer extensive variety of cricket clothing and accessories to the obsessive fans. You can click here to have a look at cricket products available online in Pakistan.

Special Screenings:



Looking at the passion of people for cricket, there are special screenings for matches in public places like open air theaters, markets, cinemas or sometimes private screenings. People want to rejoice every match with zest and zeal and it can best be done when more people are watching a match and cheering up with high hopes for victory.

Victory Celebrations:


Also there are motivational songs heard at every corner and if a big game is won, there are joyful and happy people on the roads cheering for the win of their team. People distribute mithai on winning and there are traditional dances on roads by the zealous fans. All in all the whole country is fascinated by cricket.

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