REAT Network organized consultative workshop with Lawyers at DBA

Imtiaz Gorar
Civil Society Support Program in collaboration with REAT Network organized consultative workshop with Lawyers at District Bar Council Larkana here on Saturday. Large number of Lawyers and human rights practitioners participated in the workshop.
Social activist Iqbal Detho speaking on the occasion said that minority community is insecure in Pakistan and facing several issues among conversion of religion on pretext of marriages, kidnapping for ransom, extortion causing the migration from Sindh to India added that religious intolerance are increasing day by day and the minorities even cannot celebrate their festivals, their religious institutions are being burnt. He further said that all the discriminatory laws aimed at certain religious and ethnic groups should be abolished. Citizens of Pakistan, he said, are equal and more minorities groups should have more presence in Parliament and other forums. We have to work as a team to bridge these gaps and we need to develop religious harmony.
Iqbal Detho, said that the issue of how to ensuring a society in which followers of different faith and religions could live together in peace and harmony are of paramount importance. He apprised the participants about historical background of Human Rights struggle particularly rights of minorities. Mr Detho said that minority rights are legally and constitutionally protected in theory but they are not implemented in practice.
Other participants included CSSP Manager Afzal Shaikh, Advocate Safdar Bhutto, Advocate Narendar Kumar, Advocate Ashfaque Abro, Advocate Saeed Shaikh, Advocate Abdul Rehman Bhutto & Advocate Tariq Naeem Awan, Aamir Abbasi, Sajad Rahujo, Aijaz Sangi, Rashid Mustafa Solangi and others spoke on the occasion.

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