Rani Mukherjee the new creative director at YRF?

NEW DELHI: Rani Mukherjee now married to Aditya Chopra is ready to take on newer roles apart from being a good bahu to the Chopra family. Reports are now doing rounds that Rani is getting ready to take on a more pivotal role in production house.

“A cabin has been set up for Rani. She’ll be the creative director of YRF and will share the responsibility of running the show with her husband,” a source told a leading daily.

The source also talked about Uday`s involvement in the international market, “While her brother-in-law Uday has been busy setting up their production house in the US, Rani will now be the face of YRF. In fact, she has already taken charge.”

There are also rumours that Rani has been ghost directing her upcoming movie `Mardaani`. Another news daily has quoted an actor from the sets of movie that it is Rani who has been calling the shots than director Pradeep Sarkar. “Rani instructs the actors, shouts out orders to the crew and looks after every detail “ The source quipped.

Rani sure seems to be taking on a lot of roles in a short span of time. That of a wife, a daughter in law, and if rumours are to be believed she is soon to take on the cap of the director for YRF officially.

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