Rangers raid SBCA office over illegal construction in Karachi

KARACHI: The Rangers paramilitary force carried out on Monday a raid on Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) over illegal construction and China Cutting – illegal plotting of state owned land – in the metropolis.

The paramilitary force surrounded the SBCA building for several hours and only ended its siege after grilling officials regarding illegal construction, approval of controversial maps and China Cutting in the city.

Rangers official also confiscated important data relating to such unlawful practices besides interrogating SBCA staff regarding former director general of the building authority, Manzoor Qadir.

The law enforcement agencies have been carrying out operations against criminal and terrorists in the port city for the last two years.

Earlier, five officials of the Lines Area development project, accused of China Cutting 1,200 plots worth Rs4.5 billion and selling them to builders and land grabbing mafia, were arrested in Karachi.

The plots were sold for bribes instead of being auctioned, according to National Accountability Bureau (NAB).