Rakhi wants Sunny to get lost from India

MUMBAI: The outspoken and blunt Rakhi Sawant has grabbed headlines yet again for her bold statements and this time her target is Sunny Leone! In a video uploaded on YouTube on Thursday, Rakhi Sawant has said, “You, Sunny Leone, get lost from my India….get lost from my film industry….”

Not only does she want Sunny Leone to get lost from India and Bollywood, Rakhi has also gone to the extent of saying, “Main Rakhi Sawant aayi hu Leela ko geela karne” referring to the ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ actress.

In yet another bizarre statement from the video, Rakhi accused Sunny of being the reason she is compelled to wear skimpy clothes and that she should go away from India so that no other Indian girl is forced to resort to such measures.

Three months ago, Rakhi Sawant’s comment on the AIB Roast controversy had everyone in splits. And this time around, too, Rakhi’s words are sure to become the talk of the town.