Research & Review: “History of Khaksar Movement in India” Thoroughly research and written by Prof. Amalendu De.
Analysing the characteristic features of the psychological make-up of the Muslim population, Inayatullah stated that they would accept only those who are true, unselfish and pious, but not those who want to make the nation a stooge of others. As honest and unselfish people are few, the Muslims have to be very strict in selecting their leaders. They always criticised them for their faults and strictly examined their activities. It is, however, an old habit of the Muslims. But it is a good sign.’ Inayatullah did not consider the principles of earning money, enjoying life, gathering experience and acquiring high position to be un-Islamic, because a Muslim can maintain a direct touch with God by calling Him during prayer. Moreover, it is not necessary to keep any intermediary between God and man. Hence when the Muslim nation rose to prominence it rose by its own action, hard labour, and strength, not through the instrumentality of others. The beauty of Islam is this that it offers an open field for everyone as well as scope for individual enterprise. It is a matter of glory for one to be a slave of God and not to be an avatar (incarnation) of God. Naturally there is no question of any person being a prophet. All Muslims are equal workers and servants of God and Islam.
Inayatullah observed that the leader of a nation does not come from heaven. He is in fact the product of nation. He claimed that he has the capacity to lead the nation to its goal. It is, therefore, necessary that he should possess the following qualities, viz., power to face trouble, determination, sacrifice, the capacity to command obedience from his followers, hard work and discipline. Similarly, the leader also wants his followers to possess these qualities.’ But a leader, who is not prepared to face these troubles and do not possess these qualities, cannot take his followers to the destination. Good leaders cannot be produced unless these qualities are developed among the Muslims. A nation which lacks capacity for work cannot produce a good leader. Thus the nation itself produces a good leader and the leader makes the nation great. In support of this statement Inayatullah referred to the Hindu nation. So long these qualities were not clearly visible among the Hindus they could not produce a leader. The emergence of M.K. Gandhi indicated that the Hindu nation now possesses that capacity’ Inayatullah was confident that the Muslims would again become a great nation. They have that capacity. A good atmosphere for reform still prevails here. The only way to produce a real leader is this that everyone of the Muslim nation should take the initiative to introduce self-reform.’

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