PTI workers kept fainting as leaders delivered speeches

MULTAN: Seven supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) breathed their last as a result of stampede at Friday’s rally while 40 others suffered injuries.

The PTI leaders continued to deliver their speeches in a total disregard to the attendees who kept on fainting one after another as a result of both suffocation and heat. Some fell completely unconscious.

The alarm bell had gone off during the fiery speech of Shah Mehmood Qureshi when DJ Butt had called out for an ambulance and drinking water for two persons who had fainted. But, Qureshi in the excitement of his speech delivery and a total indifference to the distress call made a hand-gesture telling him to ‘observe silence’.

More shocking images were scene as the PTI Chairman Imran Khan addressed the crowd. People kept falling unconscious due to heat and the workers took some of them away from the stage for medical help. But, it did not stop the PTI chief even for a moment, as he continued with his speech.

As Imran Khan ended his speech, a large number of people rushed together towards the main gate to leave the venue. A clear mismanagement of the PTI administration led to a stampede at Agahi Gate, causing many people to fall to the ground and run over by the crowd.

The ambulances which stood by at the scene rushed the injured to Nishtar Hospital where seven people lost their lives during treatment.

Later, Shah Mehmood Qureshi talking to the media claimed that PTI was not responsible for the stampede, ignoring the fact that he had turned a deaf ear to the call for help.

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