PTI makes debut, PML-N gains strength in Senate polls

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani legislators voted through secret ballot on Thursday to elect 44 Senators, with the ruling Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) gaining strength as the second largest party in the Senate with 26 seats.

According to unofficial results obtained by Geo News, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) retained its spot as the largest party but lost its strength in the Senate with only 27 seats now as compared to its previous 40 seats.

The Upper House of Parliament comprises of 104 legislators. The six-year term of office 52 Senators is due to expire on March 11, and elections were held on Thursday to fill these seats.

Four Senators – two each from the Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) and the PPP – were already elected unopposed from Sindh province, while the Election Commission of Pakistan postponed voting on four seats from Federally Administered Tribal Areas after a last-minute presidential ordinance which restricted FATA MNAs to just one vote instead of four votes each.

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