PTI announces to hold rally in Karachi on Sept 6

KARACHI (Online): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Sunday has announced to hold rally in Karachi’s Nishtar Park on September 6. Imran Khan would leave for Karachi on a two-day visit tomorrow to attend ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ rally on Tuesday.

PTI spokesman Naeem-ul-Haq said that Khan has canceled his Nathia Gali visit to participate in the protest staged by steel mills workers, who are seeking salary raise. The chief will also address massive rally in Karachi.

Earlier, chairman Imran Khan asked four questions from Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif and said that they would march towards Raiwind if questions would not be answered.

Imran Khan asked PM to show the letter of purchasing apartments in London, from where did they get money to buy flats worth billions, how did money go out of Pakistan and if they gave tax to transfer money outside.
He also asked supreme court to put PM s name in Exit Control List (ECL). He also saluted those who were not bribed by government.

Imran Khan said that they do not want to put pressure on judiciary but they want justice so they came to public for that. He also addressed the Ehtisaab rally at different places and said that current government is ruining the future of Pakistan.

Imran Khan added that people are buying properties outside Pakistan and people are getting unemployed. He said that country cannot progress until corruption is eradicated.

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