PTI activists block main arteries of Karachi

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) activists have started protest at 25 locations and blocked main arteries of Karachi including Shahrah-e-Faisal, Super Highway and National High way.

Chairman Imran Khan expressed hope that situation in Karachi would remain peaceful during his protest in the port city today.

PTI workers blocked main thoroughfare of the port city Shahrah-e-Faisal at Nursery, Star Gate and Chhota Gate. Road at Teen Talwar in Clifton; Kalapul and Qayyumabad in Defence and roads leading to Power House Chorangi, Nizimabad and SITE have also been closed after putting hurdles.

In Malir, National Highway has been blocked at Munzil Pump besides Mehran Highway.

M.A Jinnah road is blocked at Numaish Chorangi; Jinnah bridge and University road at Hassan Square; MT Khan road and Sultanabad road Super Highway has been blocked at Sohrab Goth; Ghani Chorangi, Habib Bank Chorangi, Rasheedabad in SITE and Baldia town. The road connecting Karachi with Balochistan has been shut at Hub River road.

The planned closure is a continuation of the PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s push to pressurise the government on carrying out an inquiry into the alleged rigging in the May 2013 general elections.
It may be noted here that sticking to its ‘Plan C’, PTI says it has been successful in motivating some associations to voluntarily join its appeal for a shutdown at 25 locations.

In a tweet, PTI leader Arif Alvi said, “Karachi shutdown starts at 6:00am on December 12. Karachi will make sure it happens.”

Dr Arif Alvi said essential components of the city’s daily operations, such as transporters and traders, are supporting the party in its bid to hold the sit-ins and protests at various points of the city.
“It will be a total shutdown. Transporters and traders have responded favourably,” Alvi said. “Peoples’ sentiments are in our favour because Karachi is looking for a change,” he said.

President of PTI’s Sindh Chapter Nadir Leghari said the strike will be peaceful.“The community will come out and support the PTI. There will be no armed goons or thugs and we are not forcing anyone to join. People will chip in if they want a change,” he said.
When asked about the financial loss incurred during the strike calls in Karachi, Leghari said, “As a party we have much bigger objective i.e. to change the destiny of Pakistan.”The PTI has so far identified the National Highway, Sohrab Goth, Native Jetty Bridge, Shershah, Numaish Chowrangi, Sharae Faisal, Kala Pull Road, Hasan Square, Star Gate and Five Star Chowrangi as the main protesting spots.
According to reports, roads will be blocked for traffic at more than 25 places including the Super Highway, National Highway and Hub River Road in the metropolitan city.

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