Prolonged unscheduled load shedding compelled to misseries

DADU: Prolonged un-scheduled load shedding up to sixteen hours has completely paralyzed normal life and affected routine business. In reaction, Citizens and business community took out protest rally in town on Friday to protest against WAPDA-SEPCO for prolonged un-scheduled load shedding up to 16 hours a day.
They carried pla cards, marched various roads, streets and staged demonstration before local press club and raised slogans against SEPCO sub divisional officer I and II. They were led by Bashir Memon, Khalil Panhwer.
Addressing to demonstrators, Basher Memon said that 16 hours prolonged un-scheduled load shedding has completely paralyzed the normal life and affected routine business.He said that WAPDA-SEPCO officials were running illegal connections and Kundahs in town and surrounding areas hence they were artificially conducting load shedding in commercial areas.
They appealed Chairman WAPDA to take serious notice of prolonged un-scheduled load shedding and direct the concerned officials to provide relief to business community so they can run their business easily. They warned if the prolonged un-scheduled load shedding will not be ended, they would continue protests across district.

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