THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi…. (Topics series)

It is a problem like which shall have to come before Man during the rule of the Scientist over Earth, when the whole of Mankind through sire necessity, shall have become exclusively engaged in the Problem of the conquest of Nature and when instruments of acquisition of the knowledge of Nature shall have to be changed at every stage of the development of it to better ones through the necessities of the struggle for existence. It may be that the collective efforts of Man towards probing into higher regions of Nature bring him to the conclusion that the present physical organs of the Man are the redundancy and “hurdle” in his way, that intelligence, if it is to of pervade the whole Universe, must be devoid of most of the present limbs-like hands and feet, which were originally meant by Nature to work in most limited spheres, or legs which have no purpose left now, sexual organs which Man inherited from lower animals for the purpose of dissemination in limited areas and leisure, or even the aesthetic nose, tongue or heart which were meant for the satisfaction of baser desire of Man and so on. Only a higher collective aim of the capture of the whole Universe, making the whole Human race pulsate with new life and energy through the world-wide rule of the Scientist, bring about these organic changes on the scale and it is only a universal human urge for evolution which can divest Man of baser incentives and desires of today. Psychological preparation of Mankind for this colossal task will itself constitute an effort of a very high order.

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