Prisoner tries to commit suicide in Multan after failing to meet ‘mehboob’

MULTAN: A prisoner at the district jail staged a unique four-hour long protest climaxing in an attempted suicide.

Ghulam Muhammad climbed up the water tank at the district jail and demanded he be allowed to meet his ‘mehbooba’ (girlfriend) who was imprisoned at the women jail.

The prisoner and the woman he was demanding to meet had been accused of murdering a driver in September.

The drama unfolded after Ghullam successfully evaded policemen early morning and climbed atop the water tank. Ghullam Muhammad -with a noose around his neck- said he would not come down until he was allowed to meet the woman.

After negotiations, police officials brought Ghullam’s ‘mehbooba’ from the women jail but even that failed in persuading him to come down. The two spoke and it is reported that Ghullam complained to his ‘mehbooba’ about being unfaithful and said they should commit suicide together.

The prisoner remained adamant, that the women be brought to him atop the water tank and when his demand was not satisfied, he jumped off in an attempt to end his life.

Police and rescue officials were quick to act -using a crane they had positioned next to the water tank ahead of time- they saved Ghullam Muhammad and rushed him to a local hospital for treatment.

Police said a case of attempted suicide and interfering in official work will be registered against Ghullam Muhammad.

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