President Rouhani vows not to reveal Iran’s nuclear secrets to foreigners

TEHRAN: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that Iran will never allow its state secrets to be accessed by foreigners under the pretext of international treaties or conventions.
There are still “many differences over details” of a nuclear deal Iran and world powers are trying to conclude by June 30, he told a press conference on the occasion of the second anniversary of his election.
Responding to a question on whether Iran will allow inspections of military sites and interviews with Iranian nuclear scientists as part of a potential deal with the P5+1, he, however, added that the mechanism and time frame of the implementation of the measures to a potential deal are still being discussed in the nuclear negotiations.
Iran’s potential voluntary acceptance of the additional protocol, the president said, would merely be to contradict the false accusation that Iran is after building nuclear bombs.
Rouhani said the achievements of his administration in safeguarding the nuclear rights of the Islamic Republic were a big victory for the nation.