PPP victimizes political workers and PML-N chief Nawaz calm over the issues

Imtiaz Gorar
Advisor to the Prime Minister Ameer Buksh Bhutto who rendered the resignation, said on Monday that PML N Chief and Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has ignored the PML N workers in Sindh, provincial PPP government is politically victimizing the party leaders and workers by implicating in fake and fabricated cases after the general election 2013, the meeting of CEC of former Sindh National Front will be held very soon to decide the
future strategy to part way from PML N or not he expressed these views while addressing the press conference here at Larkana Press Club.
Ameer Bux Bhutto further said that PML N leadership are engaged in so called reconciliation policy with PPP and MQM which plundered the national wealth and destructed the national institutions during the previous PPP government in center, added that during the merger of SNF into PML N, it was also agreed that there can be no question of a rapprochement of any sort with either the PPP or MQM and that there would be a stringent accountability of the incumbent rulers who had looted and destroyed the country, but despite of taking actions, PML N rulers are serving the delicious food to Asif Ali Zardari and his team at Raiwand which is deplorable, he said.
He told that when “ I was appointed Advisor in October 2013, I started clearly that I was accepting the post only to serve my country and my people and if I felt that this can not be possible to fulfill these objectives under the prevailing circumstances”, added I also realized that not only would it be impossible to give some relief to the people and lessen their burdens, particularly in Sindh, but without the backing of the Federal government I could not even save them from the merciless victimization of political opponents. Apart from this, I was in no position to serve the country, since I was assigned no specific responsibility or portfolio. Keeping all this in mind, I resigned from my post on 20th January 2014. When I received no reply from the Prime
Minister regarding my resignation even after seven months, I wrote another detailed three page long letter to him on 9th July 2014 on the same subject, highlighting the pitiful plight of the people of Sindh which required the attention of and action by the Federal Government on a war footing.
I also reminded the Prime Minister that my resignation was before him since seven months and required a decision on his part. I have still not received any reply even to my second letter.
Mr. Bhutto has said that under these circumstances, I can only construe that my resignation has been accepted and I cease to be the Prime Minister’s Advisor and Federal Minister. Therefore, instead of wasting my time in Islamabad, I prefer to stand by my people in their time of suffering and hardship. After resigning, I already refused to accept any official protocol and from now I will refrain from availing all perks and privileges associated with my former post.
On the occasion former Taluka Nazim Qurban Ali Abbasi, Advocate Ali Nawaz Ghanghro, Irshad Junejo, Ayaz Bhagat, Hoat Khan Mirali, M Ibrahim Abro and others were present.

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