Power crisis continues to plague Balochistan

QUETTA: The power crisis continues to plague Balochistan creating immense problems for the residents of the province.

The province has an electricity demand of 1,650 MW but is only being supplied 300 MW leading to a massive power shortage.

In the interior regions of the province electricity is only available for fours daily while in district headquarters the load shedding duration is 16-18 hours.
“Load shedding is 22-23 hours and there are areas in the province where for two years people have been without electricity throughout the day,” a disgruntled resident told.

Another resident warned of holding protests in the federal capital. “If our problems are not resolved we will turn towards the federal capital and protest until they are.”

The issues associated with the lack of electricity in the province were echoed in the Balochistan Assembly and Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch admitted that problems of people had multiplied.

According to Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO), the shortage of electricity has resulted from attacks targeting electricity towers and the failure to repair them. QESCO officials added the power crisis would be resolved once the electricity towers were fixed.

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