Politicians and notables condolences meetings continued with Abbasi family

Imtiaz Gorar
Several notables and politicians condoled with former MPA Sardar Haji Munwar Ali Abbasi, former Senator Dr Safdar Ali Abbasi and Moazam Khan Abbasi on sad demise of Begum Dr Ashraf Abbasi here on Saturday.
Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durani, Abid Khan Jatoi, MPA Dr Sattar Rajpar, Zulfqar Kamario, Khaksar Tehreek Chief Dr Sabhia Mughal, former President NBP Asif Brohi, President PML N Sindh Ismail Rahu, Saleem Zia, Shah Muhammad Shah and others visited the Abbasi house waleed muhala Larkana and offered condolence with former MPA Haji Munwar Ali Abbasi, former Senator Dr Safdar Ali Abbasi and Moazam Khan Abbasi on sad demise of Begum Dr Ashraf Abbasi, they prayed to almighty Allah to rest her soul in eternal peace.

Rahu says mandate of 180 million people of country cannot bulldozed

Imtiaz Gorar
Provincial President PML-N Sindh Ismail Rahu has said that mandate of 180 million people of country cannot be bulldozed by pretext of 4 seats re- verification and so called long march and stage in, present PML-N government is determined to lead the country towards the development, peace, progress and prosperity, he said this while talking to Journalists at Larkana Press Club during the press conference here on Saturday.
He said that country is passing through critical juncture of history, Pak Army is engaged in operation against the terrorists, it needs to create national unity but PTI and Qadri sb are hatching conspiracies to derail the democracy, said that on pretext of 4 seats recounting or verification does not meant to cancel the results of 400 other seats in country, the demands of PTI is beyond the wisdom and unnecessary advising that PTI should go through Election Tribunal, he said.
Mr Rahu said that 14th August is an independent day should be celebrated with nation not by staging long march and sit in to destabilize the democratic government and invoke the anarchy in country, he said that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is seriously working on strengthening the country and democracy, improving economy and controlling energy problems, added that all pro-democratic forces have decided that transfer of power comes by votes cast by people and not any other thing can bring about a change in the country,” he said.
He said there were many changes in the country as an independent judiciary was working and taking decisions on merit without consent of any rulers. It was for the first time in the country that when the PTI and PPP won with majority in the provinces, Mr Sharif let them from their governments, he added. We had a majority in Balochis¬tan, but allies were allowed to bring their chief minister
He termed the Choudhry brothers and Shaikh Rahseed as political orphans who had been rejected by the people. Criticizing Tahirul Qadri he said he had come here with foreign agenda and wanted to create anarchy in the country, however, people were not ready to pay any heed towards his call.
Rahu dispelled the impression that Article 245 of the Constitution is being used against the masses adding that it has been applied purely for the defense requirements of the country as had been done during PPP regime.
Earlier President PML N Sindh Ismail Rahu accompanied by central leader Saleem Zia, Shah Muhammad Shah, Aslam Abro, Khalid Shaikh, Ex Taluka Nazim an PML N local leader Qurban Ali Abbasi visited the Abbasi House and offered condolence with former MPA Sardar Haji Munwar Ali Abbasi, former Senator Dr Safdar Ali Abbasi on sad demise of their mother Begum Dr Ashraf Abbasi former Deputy Speaker national assembly, he expressed grief and sorrow on her death.
Later, they also offered the condolence with Senior Journalist Moazam Sultan Bukhari on sad demise of his mother.

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