Political leadership to follow vision of Allama Mashriqi to save motherland: Al-Mashriqi Conference

Allama Mashriqi aur nazariya azaadi conf. 27th Aug 2014
M. Sameer Nazir
Speakers at Allama Mashriqi conference in Karachi and Lahore has expressed that political immaturity in Pakistan since its inception leads to uncertainty and numerous challenges, all political leaders must shun their differences and unite at APC.
Chief Khaksar Tehrik Pakistan Dr. Sabiha Al-Mashriqi, while speaking on the eve of 126th birth anniversary of renowned scholar and mathematician Allama Innayatullah Khan Mashriqi in Karachi and 51st death anniversary at Lahore today, she portrayed that Pakistan’s’ 67 years integrity has much suffered due to political uncertainty, which depicts an alarming situation like 1970-71 that Allama Mashriqi already told in his speeches.
She highlighted that Allama Mashriqi founder Khaksar Tehreek, who told the Pakistani leaders about 6 decades back that if the country would not be in safe hands it will lost its part and further due to leaders immaturity would lead to a destruction of Pakistan as present situation depicts, added it was not freedom we earned by British but it was the transfer of rule to their servants only she said.
Dr. Sabiha further told that transfer of power to their servants was the rule of 5 percent elite class, ignored 15 percent middle and 85 percent deprived poors, which depicts that within 67 years a hale on earth, the policies of present rulers followed US and its allies.
She said nation needs a dynamic leadership like Allama Mashriqi who told every truth and warn before the partition and after in Pakistan time to time, we ignored and now our motherland suffering numerous challenges she told. Paksitani leaders and nation should wake up their deeps sleepings now, the time has come up to face all challenges.
On the occasion, several leaders paid rich tributes to Allama Inayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi and said he was a dynamic leader in the history and Khaksar Tehrik played a pivotal role in Indo-Pak. They also demanded of the political leadership to call all parties should unite and follow the footprints and vision of Allama Mashriqi.

Earlier, Khaksar Tehreek workers took out rally in connection to the Nazria-e-Azadi of Allama Mashriqi, the activists chanting slogans of brotherhood, unity and faith by Ek Bano Nek Bano and demanded of the Pakistan leadership to stop further loss of nation and unite over the All Parties Conference at Karachi and Lahore.

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