Police detained, abducted 24 protesters from PIMS: Imran

SLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan alleged on Thursday that police had detained 24 people who had been critically injured protesters from Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) before moving them to undisclosed location after clashes in Islamabad on August 31.
Addressing his supporters at PTI’s D-Chowk sit-in on Thursday, Imran once again censured the government for torture over what he claims were peaceful protesters. Police had resorted to heavy shelling of tear-gas and some rubber bullets as protesters marched towards the PM house from the D-Chowk on August 31.
Referring to a PIMS report, the PTI chief said, “Today I have learnt that when government opened fire on August 31, 24 seriously injured protesters were picked up by police and till date no one knows about their whereabouts.”
“We have filed a case against Prime Minister Nawaz Shairf and Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and we would ask them about those 24 people,” he added. Imran referred to protest demonstrations in the west and claimed that no one dares to think of firing at peaceful protesters.
Talking about Wednesday’s incident in Lahore where a student was killed by a guard of Abdul Qadir Gilani, Imran said the student was a martyr.
Lamenting VIP culture prevalent in the country, the PTI chief said Tahir Malik was shot just because he tried to pass the motorcade of not a sitting, but a former prime minister’s son. Addressing his supporters, Imran said that “you have a chance to change and end this culture.”
Will defeat Nawaz-Zardari team
Claiming that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and former President Asif Ali Zardari had teamed up to safeguard their owin interests and hide their corruption, Imran warned them that their time was up.
“This is not democracy but rule of land mafia. I will file cases against them, expose their alliance and hold them accountable,” said Imran.
Commenting on Zardari’s remarks about him, the PTI chief said “I am very happy what Zardari said. My party members may have become perturbed if Zardari had uttered good words about me.”
Talking about the Multan incident where PML-N workers greeted him with “Go Imran Go” chants, the PTI chief said that “Today I am confident that Nawaz Sharif is afraid of me.”
This is nothing but fear they are displaying by chanting the slogans despite the fact that I am not the Prime Minister, the PTI chief teased. “Where should I go?” Imran asked jokingly.
Multan rally
About PTI’s rally in Multan on Friday, Imran said that the nation had awoken and their rally in Multan would be historic and break all past records. “I do not need any signal as people of Pakistan are with me and they are ready for change,” he added.
“I am hopeful because of you and no one can defeat us,” Khan said while referring to his experience as cricketer. Whether it is cricket or any other field ‘you do not win but the other loses because of his mistakes and the champion exploits those’, he added.

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