Police claim arresting mastermind behind Edhi Centre heist

KARACHI: Karachi police on Monday claimed to have arrested the mastermind behind the heist at Edhi Centre headquarters on Sunday.

The arrest of the man in his 30’s whose name was not disclosed by the authorities was made from Mauripur area during a raid. Police have also expedited search for his accomplices involved in the crime.

Edhi Trust running a network of philanthropic service across the country is nationally and internationally recognized for its work undertaken through public support and without any religious or social distinction.

Faisal Edhi had informed the media that armed robbers broke the locks of iron chest and took away cash and valuables in broad day light without any resistance.The looted money comprised Rs 20 million in local and foreign currencies whereas other valuable items including four kg gold worth Rs 30 million were said to be donated by people to the trust for sake of public welfare.

Ironically close circuit cameras installed at the Edhi Centre premises were found to be either non existent or out of order.

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