PML-N is heir of dictators and has tradition of using foul language: Chandio

HYDERABAD: The information adviser to CM Sindh, Moulla Bux Chandio criticizing the federal government has said that from two days the supporters of PML-N are appearing on TV screens wearing coffins over their heads, but he is unable to understand what message they want to deliver to the people, PML-N is doing those things, which opposition should do. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is leader of poor and deprived people and God Almighty would very soon give him power and he would solve the problems. He hoped that Bilawal Bhutto for many years would stay in power and lead the party.
This he said while addressing at Hyderabad Club here on Wednesday on the occasion of 28th birthday celebrations of PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.
“PML-N is the heir of dictators and they are giving threats and they are the ones who started this trend of threatening people to break their limbs, it is not the job of any private force of some political party to maintain law and order during PTI’s Raiwind march, police and law enforcing agencies are there for this job,” he said.
Mr. Chandio further said that such atmosphere should not be created that gives birth to civil war, many leaders of PTI have opposed to protest outside prime minister’s house.
“I want to give suggestion to PML-N , if a clash takes place between workers of both parties, it would be PML-N only on the losing side,” he added.
On that occasion Mr. Chandio visited children’s ward at Civil Hospital, central jail and orphanages and distributed sweets and clothes among them.
While Barkat Babar. Fayaz Ali Shah, Dr. Irfan Gul Magsi and others were also present with him.

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