PML-N Govt fails to provide legal protection of life, honour and property in the country

SHIKARPUR: Moulana Abdul Ghafoor Hyderi the JUI Senator and central leader has allegedly said that the present Government has entirely failed in providing legal protection of life, honour and property in the country. While the people of the country were being constrained to suffer unbearable socio-economic problems while imposing taxes on taxes on them by the present Government.
This he said while talking to median men on the occasion of condolence expressed with local journalist Zulfiqar Ali Magsi on the sad demise of his grandfather here at Shikarpur on Saturday.
JUI leader further said that there was no need of those rulers who were inefficient and powerless to discharge their national responsibilities towards the ensurance of providing legal security of life and protection of honour and property of the people who had given their mandate to serve them as per commitment made by the rulers during the general elections.
He while criticizing over the policies adopted by the present Government said that instead of utilizing the God gifted natural resources, the selfish and opportunist rulers were utilizing their efforts to make national financial budget while receiving the loans and aids from the foreign funding Agencies when our country was very rich in natural resources helping the country to build the fate of the people of the country without begging and approaching to other countries to meet their financial needs.
He also expressed his great resentment over the poor performance of the present national and provincial Governments towards the incidents of kidnapping to be brought under control. When the good number of the kidnappees including JUI leader Moulana Bakhtullah Pahore, his two friends and other innocent persons kidnapped from various areas in Sindh and other provinces by the armed outlaws without feeling any fear of law and kept the kidnappees at unknown places.
Talking about Imran Khan, the Chief of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI), JUI leader said that those politicians who had brought him in politics and supported him to form the PTI Government in Pakhtoonkhuwah had farmed a Forward Black against him which caused to create problems for Imran Khan.
Talking about the problems facing by the Journalists Community, Mr. Moulana paid his rich tributes on the journalistic services rendered by the Journalists in our country particularly for restoration of Democratic System and settlement of the people’s problems and they sacrificed their lives during discharging their professional duties in the interests of the country and it’s nation.
However he expressed his solidarity and full support to the journalists’ community in getting them genuine problems resolved at every stage.

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