PM Shareef orders refund overcharged bill money to consumers

ISLAMABAD: Rejecting an audit report on inflated electricity bills, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ordered concerned authorities to refund overcharged bill money to consumers.
The audit report submitted to the premier revealed that energy consumers were charged over Rs2 billion in over-billing in July.
The report was presented during a special cabinet meeting called to discuss the issue of over-billing and performance of various ministries particularly Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Ministry of Planning and Reform and Ministry of Railways.
According to the audit, the over-billing was a result of debt adjustment, wrong meter reading and incorrect bills.
The report, however, failed to hold any official responsible. The prime minister, however, rejected the report and called for a reassessment.
Officials said the Cabinet meeting could continue for three days, and could possibly continue after Muharram and the prime minister’s visit to China in the first week of November.
Distribution companies, which install electricity meters, had allegedly put up meters which functioned at a fast pace, hence increasing electricity costs. However, power companies were reportedly not aware of this issue.
As per government policy, meter readings for July should be taken again and additional money should be repaid to the consumers

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