PM Nawaz takes parliament into confidence over NWA operation

ISLAMABAD: Operation ‘Zarb-e-Azb’ has been launched against terrorism and it will continue till the obtainment of the final objective of restoration of peace and tranquility in Pakistan, said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif here on Monday.

Addressing the lawmakers and senator from the floor of National Assembly and then Senate here, the Prime Minister said the government, with a view to give peace a chance, had begun dialogue process but at the same made it clear that talks and terrorism cannot go side by side.

“We gave peace a chance despite the sacrifice of thousands of lives rendered by the army and others,” the PM recalled.

However, he regretted that the offer of initiating the peace talks process made in all sincerity was not reciprocated in the same coin. “On the one hand the peace negotiations were undertaken while on the other the bloodbath of our women and children also continued,” he added.

He said the ‘game of fire and death was being played from Islamabad Kutchery to Karachi airport’. “So much so that even our worship places, educational institutions, army installations, airports and residences became unsafe.”

He said the acts of terrorism dealt a great blow to the dignity and standing of Pakistan.

The Prime Minster said in the wake of relentless string of terrorist attacks and, finally, after the deadly assault on Karachi airport the decision was taken to launch the operation. “I am confident the operation will be the harbinger of peace and security for Pakistan,” he added.

He said special centers have already been set up for those willing to adopt the path to peace.

He urged the religious Ulema to come forward and guide the fellow countrymen so that terrorism and extremism can be defeated.

The Premier said there might have been difference of opinion over peace talks and operation but this must come to an end now.

He said prays of every mother, daughter and youth of Pakistan are for the armed force of the country.

“The entire nation stands behind the armed forces,” he said, adding, the political leadership of the country also stand behinds the forces.

He also called upon the country-loving inhabitants of tribes to also play their due role in the operation.

The Prime Minister said the Minister for States and Frontiers, Abdul Qadir Baloch will coordinate efforts between the Federation and provincial governments and hoped that Baloch will continue to get the cooperation of the Khyber Pakhtunwah government.

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