PBM sweet home an institution for orphan children shifted to Karachi

Imtiaz Gorar
Concerned authorities have issued directives to shift Sweet home an institution for orphan children established by Pakistan Bailtul from Larkana to Karachi, representatives of civil society and citizens expressed concern over the shifting of 120 innocent homeless orphan children to Karachi such move will double the sufferings of children instead of mitigating problems.

Addressing the press conference, Renowned social activist and President Larkana Shehri Itehad Niaz Hussain Abro accompanying by Senior Vice President Muhammad Sadiq Shaikh, General Secretary Liaqat Channa, Imdad Hussain Soomro, Altaf Ansari and others strongly condemned the decision of Baitul Mal authorities to close the sweet home institution in Larkana and shifting of innocent children to Karachi who were already facing painful moments without their parents and other relatives now their problems would be increased.

Niaz Hussain Abro said that Sweet home institution was sheltering to 120 poor and orphan children for past 5 years, children were studying in private schools in Larkana , due to their shifting to Karachi their academic activities will be effected.

He said so far concerned administration has shifted 35 orphans to Karachi which is illegal without issuing of notification and other formalities, Larkana Shehri Itehad will file constitutional petition with Sindh High Court against the shifting of innocent orphan children.


Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazal (JUI-F) General Secretary Sindh Moulana Rashid Mahmood Soomro was coming back from Juungle for Shikarpur after public gathering when their caravan reached near Rahim abad suddenly one police mobile overturned near Rahim abad approximately 30 kilometer from Shikarpur on Friday midnight.
As a result of accident five police personnel including Mumtaz Ali, Darshan Lal, Mushtaque Ahmed, Khadim Hussain and Hassan Ali sustained serious injuries.
Who shifted to District Headquarter (DHQ) Hospital Shikarpur for medial treatment after providing medical treatment one of them policeman named Mumtaz Ali referred to Chandika Medial College Hospital (CMCH) Larkana due to his critical condition.

Occupation on 18 temple properties in Thatta

Allaudin Brohi
Civilized sections express their concern over occupying of 18 temples properties by the influential men and demanded of the government to take action to vacant those
They said this while a Hindu Panchait festival held here in Thatta over night
The speakers including leader of the Hindu Panchait DR sham Sundar Adwani,Jeatha mal,Babou Sunail,Chaman Lal ,Choopat lal parwani, syed Attaf Hussain Shah of Thatta syed welfair association and other said that the property of the 18 temples of the district Thatta, they said on the one side the Hindou community faces no safty situation ,but on the other hand the property of the temple has been occupied by the influential men of the district they demanded of the government to vacant the properties related to temples and provide jobs to the minority youths.
Meanwhile DC Thatta Nadeem u Rehman Memon,SSP Thatta Fida Hussain Mastoi said that it was their duty to provide protection and justices to the men, they assured the Hindou community regarding securing their temple properties and provide protection them.

Allaudin Brohi
Secretary irrigation Zaheer Haider Shah has said that the middle stage flood could not be ruled out because of the environmental changes, therefore directives have been issued to irrigation department officials to repair the protective dykes to river Indus and de-silt the drains and canal in order to avoid any flood like situation he said this while reviewing the ongoing de-silting work of KB feeder, carried out by irrigation department here on the other day .
He said that the Indus river system authority has assured the sindh government and irrigation department for not opening the Chesham Jahlam link canal, despite of that the both sindh government and irrigation department are looking on the decision which IRSA made with them, whether it will remain abide, to fulfill its promise.
He said there was no water shortage for ongoing paddy sowing season despite of that the canals are being de-silted in Oder to avail water in tail end.
On the occasion superintendent engineer irrigation, Qadir Palijo briefed the secretary about the ongoing de-silting work ,he also said that the work started from Rd 22 to 77 will be completed with next few day.

Allaudin Brohi
Katcha area grower protest over occupying their lands by in fluidal men
A large sacral of the growers living the Weeran forest on the left bank of the river Indus took out rally and protested, in protest against occupying their leased lands by influential men .here on Saturday.
The protesting growers were included by Abdul Jabbar Jamari,Noor DIN Sheikh,Uras Jungai, and other told the media men that they live in the Katcha area and cultivate the lands since a long time but an influential man who has occupied their lands ,and has posted the police on the spot, they demanded of the higher authorities to vacant their lands, otherwise they have threatened to enlarge their protesting circle. Meanwhile the rally was joined by Ameer of JUI Thatta district Molvi Ahmed Soomro he, said he and his students are supporting the growers rally ,he said they will block the roads and protest in favor of the growers if the occupying of the lands were not vacated

Animal traders looted

Allaudin Brohi
Armed men intercepted the vehicle which was back to home after selling animals in animal market, looted cash mobile phones worth over four lacs here on Ghaulamulllah road on Saturday.
The victims including Urs kanh, Yarou Kanh,Hamzo,Alim Jokhio and others told the police, meanwhile the police has a registered case and further investigation was in progress.

Allaudin Brohi
Patwari arrested in corruption, tempering with land documents
Anti corruption police headed by circle officers Agha conducted raid at the revenue office and arrested Anwar sheikh in tempering with revenue records here on Saturday.
According to reports received here the police had a lot of reports regarding involvement of the Patwari,in fraud ,corruption and tempering with the revenue record to transfer registries to other men .
Meanwhile the accused was appeared for remand in anti corruption court in Hyderabad, thereafter, has stated he is further being interrogated by police.